In-Home Consultation
Consultation is the central part of our system-design process. We will digest your
vision, inspect your house, and together, we will select and install the products that fit
your wishes. Our in-home audio/video experts will take the guesswork out of your new
entertainment system. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to listen to your
thoughts, and design an easy to use system that you are comfortable with using on a
daily basis.

Our consultation process begins with you contacting us by phone or through our online
contact page. We will then set up an in home consultation convenient for you to do a
site survey. We will ask you the right questions to determine what type of system will
best fit your needs. From there we will develop a comprehensive proposal and begin
the installation on your schedule.

Video Installation
Soundview will wire all video components, including DVD players, VCR, Cable &
Satellite Boxes, TiVo, etc. to any type of television for best picture quality (includes
minor remote programming). We will not leave your home until your components are
performing at their optimum level, which includes programming and calibrating system
for best possible performance. User training is included with all our installation services.

Flat Panel Installation
Plasma Installation is one of our top service requests. Soundview will mount your
plasma on the wall and wire all video components. We will run cables through back
walls. If we cannot conceal the Power Cable through the wall, we can install an outlet
behind the television for a minimal charge. We will not leave your home until your
components are performing at their optimum level, which includes programming and
calibrating system for best possible performance. User training is included with all our
installation services.

Home Audio Installation
Our professionals will set up all Home theater equipment, including your TV, audio
components, video components, and speakers. As an added complimentary service, we
will mount and conceal speaker wire to all speakers.

Custom Remote Programming
We make Home Theater easy. Our professionals program many different types of
custom remote controls including Logitech Harmony, Philips Pronto, RTI Remote
Technology, and Universal Remote Controls. These remotes create a one touch
operating system that gives you full control of your entire system making it extremely
user friendly, so you can enjoy your system on a daily basis without being scared of it.

Outdoor Audio/Video Installation
This is one of our most popular services. Outdoor sound can make yard work or
summer parties much more enjoyable. We will install any outdoor Volume control, and
mount and run all speakers through an amplifier. Rock and all-weather speakers are
available. Take a look at our gallery of outdoor sound.

Custom Lighting Controls
Custom lighting controls add ambiance to the home by creating unique lighting scenes
for different areas. You can control a number of switches with the push of a single
button in order to create the atmosphere you desire. Many of our clients find that
Lutron lighting controls are a must have! Lighting controls can be for a single room or
for your whole home. You can create a system where you can shut your entire home
down from a single room or remote location.

Total House Audio Installation
Our installers have unrivaled experience wiring entire houses for sound. Common
procedure includes: installing touch-screen keypads and speakers in all desired rooms.
Soundview has an array of options to insure the proper product for your lifestyle.
Perfect for new construction and Retrofit.

Total Home Automation System
Reduce your energy costs by incorporating an automation system into your home.
Involves: integration of lights, drapery, HVAC(Heating and Cooling), Alarm Systems,
Irrigation, swimming pool, video surveillance, and audio systems. Find out how we can
reduce your bottom line through a custom programmed automation system. By
optimizing all the internal systems in your home, we can create a home that runs itself
through scheduling and remote access. You can easily program your exterior lights to
go on 15 minutes before sunset, you can have your heating or cooling change when
you leave your home, you can monitor your summer home from your permanent
residence, the possibilities are endless.

Service Call
Our expert professionals will come in and diagnose what is wrong with your
components. Our hourly service call rate is $65.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.
We also do troubleshooting!

Additional cables, mounts, and accessories sold separately! Due to our strong
relationship with our suppliers, we are able to pass along great savings to our clients.
We take pride in cable management and we will do the best we can to hide any cables
in the most professional manner.

Other Areas of Expertise
Surveillance Systems
Intercom Systems
Security Systems
System Upgrades

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